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Recovering will include us visiting your home or work place. Stripping down existing bed and cushions and finally fitting the cloth of your preferred choice to the highest standard. We have a wide range of colours available.

Speed cloths
We also supply different types of cloth. Speed cloth can be used for a faster game and we also recommend using this for schools and youth clubs as it can be a lot harder wearing (and more economical in the long run).
Prices start from £160

Napped cloths
For a slower role you can choose a traditional napped cloth. Napped cloth also comes in different grades depending on player’s personal preference.
Prices start from:
Strachan 777 £160
Strachan 6811 club £180
Strachan 6811 tournament £200

Please find below our range of our recovering material, a gallery of just some of our many satisfied customer pool table recovers. If you have any questions, please visit our frequently asked questions for some of the most asked questions and answers, alternatively feel free to contact us by phone or email.
Thanks for fixing the table our students are over the moon! We have more tables around the campus we would like you to work on in the upcoming weeks.
Cheers, Emma
Thanks again for fixing the table have a great Christmas and– you’ve made the staff very happy!

Pool Table Recovering Gallery

Please find below a selection of just some of our pool table recoverings from our many happy customers.
Pool table repairs recovers recovering
Super pro speed cloth
This cloth was chosen by one of our happy customers for its durability and it was also scotch guard protected to prevent marks and stains.
Prices start from £160
Pink pool table cloth recover
Fuchsia Pink
When approached by a customer with a request for “a girly pink cloth” we were able to supply and fit exactly what she was looking for with a Hainsworth fuchsia pink speed cloth.
Prices start from £180
Grey pool table cloth recover
Charcoal Grey
Here is another example of the variety of colours, one of our customers wanted a charcoal grey cloth as they were about to decorate the walls in a matching colour
Red pool table cloth recover
Bright Red
We brought this table back to life with using Strachan 777 napped cloth.
Prices start from £160
Supreme winner pool table recover
Tournament Cloth
New installed supreme pool tables all fitted with Strachan 6811 tournament cloth also levelled using precision spirit levels. Discounts can be provided for multiple tables.
Example pool tabel recovers
Black Speed
Black speed cloth please note the attention to detail with the white lines and spots.
Prices start from £180

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us on 07712331495 and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

It may be possible that your table requires levelling. If you require assistance with this please don’t hesitate to call Rhys on 07712 331495.
If you have no experience doing this it may be more cost effective to get an experienced table fitter to carry out the work. If you require this service please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys on 07712 331495.
Over time the markings will fade it may be a sign your table is due a recover with a new pool table cloth.
If you require assistants with this please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys on 07712 331495.
This can happen over time but will be speeded up if people sit on the table. It may also happen in pubs for example after 6 months because of heavy use. Tables that aren’t used as frequently will last a lot longer.
The table may require new pocket liners or cue tips may be missing from pool cues causing the balls to chip.
Your table is slow to play on and there is extensive wear on the playing surface or cushions.
It is possible you have a loose cushion or a missing bolt.
This can be caused by rubber misalignment or a build up of grease on the cushions caused by food or drink. The only way to remedy this is by replacing the cloth on the cushions.
We mostly work on slate bed pool tables the most common in the UK are manufactured by DPT, super league and supreme.
There are many different colours to choose from for your pool table. Please click on our recovering page to see the colour chart showing the range and types of cloth available.
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