Pool and Snooker Table Accessories

Pool Table Recovers can supply pool table accessories that make your pool room appealing. We also sell accessories to match your pool table felt. Below are examples of pool table accessories we can supply when servicing your pool table. To avoid disappointment it is worth placing an order in advance for your table accessories. We can then deliver them to you when we service your table.

“Great product! The Aramith pool balls are much better quality than the ones I bought from eBay. Thanks for the good advice”


“I would like to thank the staff again for all their help. I managed to get everything I needed for my pool table the same day”

Wesley from the Dockers Club

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Examples of some of the accessories we supply. Please contact us if you can’t see what you need.

Cue balls accessories for sale

Pool Ball:

  • Replacement cue ball. Contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers for a replacement ball.
Aramith Pro Cup cue ball accessories for sale

Aramith Pro Cue Ball:

  • Aramith Pro Cup cue balls are used in most official tournaments on TV. With the six red dots, you can see the ball’s spin and direction.
Pool table triangles for sale

Pool Table Triangle:

  • These pool table triangles are extremely good value for money, hard wearing and suit most UK pool tables.
Brass X rest for sale

Brass X Rest:

  • Can be fitted to any standard pool cue. These are the highest quality X rests and should last a lifetime.
Affordable X rest accessories for sale

Affordable X Rest

  • Plastic X rests can be supplied to fit most standard pool cues. Used in most pubs. We will try our best to suit your budget!
Pool table triangle chalk accessproes for sale

Triangle Chalk:

  • Triangle chalk, sold in a pack of a dozen, comes in red, blue or green. Chalk should be used to match the pool table playing surface colour to prevent marks & stains on the cloth.
Aramith accessories spots & stripes

Pool Ball Sets. Aramith Spots & Sripes:

  • Aramith pool ball set in spots & stripes: Manufactured with phenolic resins, they last 5 times longer than polyester balls. The smooth roll prevents wear & tear on the playing surface. Well worth the additional cost.
Aramith pool ball set for sale red & yellow

Red & Yellow Aramith Pool Ball Set:

  • Worth the additional cost, Aramith pool ball set in red & yellow: Also available in blue and yellow and spots & stripes.
Aramith Pool Ball Set Blue & Yellow

Aramith Pool Ball Set Blue and Yellow:

  • Phenolic resin pool balls Aramith pool ball set in blue & yellow: Also available in spots and stripes and blue and yellow.
Pool Table Brushes

Pool Table Brushes:

  • A premium quality pool table brush will help you remove chalk marks effortlessly from your pool table. Brushing will keep the cloth clean & tidy. It will also provide an even roll of the ball providing a better playing surface for improved performance.
Pool cue racks for sale

Pool Cue Racks:

  • Keep your pool room tidy with one of our pool cue racks. Can hold up to six pool/snooker cues and are hard wearing.
Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our more frequently asked questions are listed below. There are also FAQs on every page relating to recovering or accessories.

If you have a question that is not listed, please contact us on 07712 331495 and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Or you can Contact us via our contact form.

Using a pool table cover can add years of life to your pool table and save you money. Over time natural light will fade the colour of your pool table felt. Covering the cloth will help to prevent this and will also stop dust and debris from settling on the pool table.

Pool Table Recovers sell pool table accessories that will help preserve the life of your pool table. Call us for details on 07712 331495 or you can Contact us by sending your details via our contact form.

If you need a new pool table triangle please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers on 07712 331495.

Aramith pool balls are the best pool & snooker balls sold in the UK. They are made with phenolic resin which is why they have excellent durability. There are different grades of aramith pool balls. Prices can vary depending on quality of ball.

Pool Table Recovers can replace your missing black ball. If you need a new pool table 8 ball please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys on 07712 331495.

Brushing the table will not only help to keep the cloth clean and tidy but also giving an even role and better playing surface performance. Call Pool Table Recovers on 07712 331495 for pool table accessory supplies.

If you require new affordable pool table balls please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers on 07712331495 we will try our best to suit your budget.

Pool table cleaning products will help remove chalk stains from your pool table and can bring your table back to life.

If you are looking for good quality pool table chalk and other accessories contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers on 07712 331495.

Cue racks are a good way of keeping pool cues tidy and less likely to be knocked over and suffer damaged.

If you need a new pool table cue ball please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers on 07712 331495.

Pool Table Recovers supply best quality pool table chalks to match your pool table covering. We also supply a range of other pool table accessories Please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers on 07712 331495 for all your pool table recovering/refelting and accessory requirements.