Pool Table Recovering

Refelting Services

Pool Table Recovers, is a professional pool table recovering and repair service company, trading since 2010. Along with excellent customer service, we aim to provide customers with reliable pool table reclothing services at prices they can trust. Getting it right first time keeps our customers returning time and again.

We recover English slate bed pool tables and have hands-on experience in refelting most of the popular brands of pool table manufactured in the UK. Examples include: DPT, Super League, Black Ball, Sam Atlantic & Supreme pool tables. We also recover American Pool tables, Bar Billiard Tables, Pool Table Diners and top end brands such as Buffalo & Signature, to name but a few.

Our pool table recovering services includes our visiting your home or work place, stripping down the existing pool table bed and cushions, and finally fitting the cloth of your preferred choice to the highest of standards. Prices for pool table recovering services start at £250. Areas we cover and contact information are listed below.

Contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements. Tel. 07712 331495

Choose From Our Wide Selection of Branded Pool Table Cloth

We have a comprehensive range of quality pool table recovering materials for you to choose from. With a variety of branded pool table cloth and colours available, we should have just what you are looking for.

Example brands include Hainsworth Match cloth in olive-green, blue or silver grey and Strachan 6811 Napped or Superpro speed cloths in various shades. If we haven’t listed what you are looking for, just let us know, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Selecting the correct cloth for your table

The types of cloth we supply are listed below:

Speed (or worsted) cloth; can be used to make the game faster. For durability, we recommend this type of cloth for schools and youth clubs. Besides being harder wearing, fitting a speed cloth can work out cheaper in the long-term as it tends to be harder wearing.

Napped Cloth; for a slower roll, choose a traditional napped cloth. Napped cloth also comes in different grades depending on a player’s personal preference. Examples Include:

Strachan 777:
Strachan 6811 club:
Strachan 6811 tournament

Prices for our pool table recovering services start at £250.

“Can’t recommend highly enough! Seeking value for money and met grant terms. Rhys accommodated our request within budget and time constraints with no surprises or add ons from the original quote. Excellent knowledge and service!”

Jayelle – Cathay’s & Central Youth Centre South Wales

New to Pool Table Recovering?

New to pool table recovering and need some advice? No problem, Rhys from Pool Table Recovers has over fifteen years’ experience in the industry and will be happy to advise you.

If you require our services, please call, email or phone on 07712 331495. You can also contact us via our contact form by following the link Contact us. Provide your details together with a brief outline of your requirements, and we will get back to you.

Call Pool Table Recovers.com for Pool Table Refurbishment Services

Areas We Cover & Contact Information

Our extensive Pool Table Recovering services span the M4 corridor from Didcot to Pembrokeshire, along the Ross Spur, Hereford & Worcester and across the West Country. For services in your region, click on the menu and select the areas we cover. We will get back to you promptly to discuss your requirements and answer any queries.

Email or call us on 07712 331495 for an informal discussion and a free quote. Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact form located on our Contact us page.

Pool Table Recovering
Recovered supreme winner pool table electric blue speed cloth
Supreme winner pool table recover:
Winner table recovered for a university campus in electric blue speed cloth
Refurbished American pool table burgundy cloth
American pool table recovered in burgundy:
Burgundy speed cloth fitted on this american pool table. Bang tidy!
Recloth sam atlantic pool table powder blue cloth
Sam atlantic pool table renovated in powder-blue:
Sam atlantic pool table looks great recovered in this simonis 861 cloth in powder blue
Pool table recovering services bright red cloth
Pool table recovering services bright red:
Pool table rejuvenated with this strachan 777 napped cloth in bright red
Pool table recovering services tournament cloth
Pool tournament refelting services::
Newly installed supreme tables fitted with strachan 6811 tournament cloth
Pool table recovering services fuschia pink cloth
Pool table recovering services in fuschia::
When our customer requested "a girly pink cloth" we happily obliged fitting a hainsworth speed cloth in fuschia pink!
Dpt pool table refelt winner table black cloth
DPT pool table refelt winner table black cloth:
Pool table refelt dpt table covered with black cloth. Looks smart!
Pool table recovered supreme winner pool table black felt
Supreme winner table recovered black felt:
Black on black for this supreme winner pool table covered with black felt. Great look!
Recovered antique bar billiard table
Antique bar billiard table: refurbished:
A local business struggled to find someone to refelt this antique billiard table until they contacted us. Pool Table Recovers were happy to help!
Pool table refelting services Pool Table Recovers.com
Pool table refelting services:
Pool table recovering services. Orange cloth was used to recover this pool table. Great combo!
Pool table recovered just eat bright orange cloth
Recovered table for just-eat orange cloth::
Another pool table recovered in the S West. Bright orange cloth fitted for our customer just-eat.
Accessories supplied orange chalk aramith balls
Accessories supplied, orange chalk & aramith balls:
To keep the cloth looking in tip top condition orange chalk supplied to match the orange cloth
Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our more frequently asked questions are listed below. There are also FAQs on every page relating to recovering or accessories.

If you have a question that is not listed, please email or call us on 07712 331495 and we would be happy to answer any queries you may have. Or, follow the link to our Contact us page & fill out a contact form.

Your table may require levelling. If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call Rhys at pool table recovers on 07712 331495.

Prices for pool table recovering/refelting start from around £250 to recover the existing bed and cushions. The cost will depend on your location and the size and type of table being recovered. For a no obligation quote, call Rhys on 07712 331495.

Although some companies may stitch the cloth back together on a pool table, or even glue it back down. We would never recommend such a practice to anyone. Not only would it spoil the look of the table, but it would also affect the roll of the playing surface; sending the ball in the wrong direction. You could also incur a call-out fee, averaging around £50.

In the long run, however, it is more cost-effective to replace the cloth completely. Call Pool Table Recovers for a competitive quote at affordable prices on 07712 331495. Have a look at our Recovering page for information on our pool table recovering services.

If you require assistance levelling your pool table, please don’t hesitate to contact Rhys at Pool Table Recovers.com on 07712 331495.

Over time the markings on your pool table will fade. This may be a sign that your table is due for refurbishment. Pool Table Recovers has recovered pool tables since 2010. Call us on 07712 331495 for an informal quote.

We mostly work on slate bed pool tables. The most common in the UK are DPT, Super League & Supreme. We also recover American Pool tables, Bar Billiard tables, Pool Table Diners and top end brands such as Buffalo & Signature to name but a few.

Quite possibly caused by rubber misalignment, or a build up of grease on the cushions due to food or drink falling on the table. The only way to remedy this is by replacing the cushion cloth. Please contact us for a free quote on 07712 331495.

The pool table cloth can become loose after a period of time, but the problem will be aggravated by people sitting on the table. Similarly, this may also happen after around 6 months in venues that use pool tables extensively, such as university halls or pubs for example. Pool tables that are not used often will last longer. Call Rhys on 07712 331495 if you are in need of pool table repair services.

Pool Table Recovers specialise in high-quality replacement pool table cushions. Our pool table cushions fit any size table and can be purchased covered or uncovered. Check out our Cushions and Spares page for more information. Or contact us for details on 07712 331495.

Known for its durability we recommend using a speed/worsted cloth in schools, youth clubs, pubs and sports clubs.

For a professional playing experience, We recommend Strachan 6811 Pro or Hainsworth Match. The tightly woven yarns combine spectacular speed and cue ball control with high durability levels.